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Bladder PHANTOM 21

The design of the new URSUIT Phantom Wing is based on the ever-evolving requirements of technical divers around the world.

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  • The most suitable model for technical diving with 2x12l cylinders and decompression cylinders.
  • Compact profile, perfect balance, high durability.

Ursuit Phantom Compensators

1.Basic concept

  • The design of the new URSUIT Phantom Wing is based on the ever-evolving requirements of technical divers around the world, and is designed to ensure that the product also meets the needs of classic recreational diving.
  • Use for every purpose and situation and thus the widest clientele is ensured by the variable design with two harness types: DIR and Comfort, as well as three wing sizes.
  • Modularity is a major advantage of the Phantom Wing system. The harness consists of a polished stainless steel plate and adjustable straps that can be customized for any size user. This type of harness, sized correctly, can then be optionally combined with all 3 types (sizes) of separate wings (i.e. the wings are interchangeable)

2.Inflatable inner tube, wing

  • The perfect geometry ensures excellent balance of the wing in all axes of movement, especially with regard to optimum trim. The shape of the inner tube has undergone five years of independent testing, and behaves in a truly balanced manner in most styles of technical and recreational diving.
  • The design has added a lot of detail compared to the classic concept. A continuous strap reinforces the sides against abrasion. The drain holes are located at the lowest point. The ergonomic, compact shape of the wing adds functionality and elegance.
  • The shape of the inner tube itself has undergone the most significant development. Most wings on the market use the same inner tube shape as the wrapper for ease of manufacture (and to save cost), which causes the bottom of the wing to deform when inflated, and deformation and stress at the largest bend at the top, while the bottom of the wing tends to push under the backplate when inflated. The Phantom does not have this problem, as the inner tube is worked out to the smallest detail so that it only takes the shape of the outer skin after inflation. Thanks to this modification, the shape of the wing remains the same and does not deform depending on the internal pressure, while maintaining the properties of the BCD
  • The branded Cordura 1000 material used for the inner tube and outer skin guarantees maximum durability and lifetime of the wing even in the most demanding conditions
  • Standardly used compensators are in most cases single-skinned made of a 500 g/m2 fabric. In case of damage, they lose lift and usually such damage cannot be repaired. The Phantom wing is double-skinned made of 1000 g/m2 fabric, so it is more durable and even in case of damage it will partially retain the air bubble and provide the diver with buoyancy. Thanks to the modular design, both shells can be replaced (repaired), even each separately.
  • The inflators used in the Phantom wing are of rugged construction. A different sealing system and stainless steel and metal elements are built for a much more demanding environment and higher durability (compared to the normal standard).

4. Different cylinder options, compensator size

  • 3 types of wing allow easy use of different types of bottles. The wing for a mono-bottle with a buoyancy of about 17 litres (Phantom 16) is designed so that the air bubble exactly follows the circumference of the bottle, and the air is optimally distributed in the inner tube. As a result, the compensator imposes minimal resistance to movement and the possibility of entrapment is also minimized. The wing for two-bottle instruments comes in two variants differing only in volume: the smaller one with a buoyancy of approx. 19 l (Phantom 21) and the larger one of approx. 29 l (Phantom 30).
  • By choosing the correct wing size, the ideal characteristics of the whole system are achieved.
  • Any attempts to combine these features into one "universal" model always limit functionality in both directions. If we try to use a small wing on a large instrument and vice versa, either insufficient wing lift or, on the contrary, uncontrollable air bubble overflow will occur, which will significantly affect the behavior of the compensator during the dive. If we rubber-band a large 30l wing for use on a mono-bottle, we run the risk of immediate blowing of the wing and thus immediate loss of lift. At the same time, a wing made of such robust materials as double skinned Cordura 1000 cannot be rubber skinned, so compromises in material are made in the manufacture etc. With the Phantom compensator there is no need to compromise. If used for different types of instruments, the appropriate wing size is easily selected and the configuration can be changed in this way in a matter of minutes.
  • The mono tank is secured with standard straps, for added security with two
  • The twin sets are recommended to be used with a fixed attachment (again for safety). Mounting is done with two nuts and is again a matter of minutes.
  • If an even greater air supply is required, the manufacturer offers the installation of an independent two-tank unit.
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