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Synthetic oil for compressor

Synthetic triester based compressor oil suitable for use in reciprocating compressors. The oil has an extremely high auto-ignition temperature of +420 °C.

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MISTRAL M8 140 l/min electric compressor
  • MISTRAL M8 140 l/min electric compressor
  • MISTRAL M8 140 l/min electric compressor

MISTRAL M8 140 l/min electric compressor

The MISTRAL M8 high pressure compressor, driven by an electric motor at 220 or 380 V, provides 140 l/min at a max. pressure of 330 bar.
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The MISTRAL M8 high-pressure compressor, driven by a 220 or 380 V electric motor, delivers 140 l/min at a maximum pressure of 330 bar.

This high quality semi-professional high pressure compressor is designed for private and less demanding commercial operations for divers, firefighters or airbrush operators. Thanks to its low speed of 1750 rpm, it is able to work continuously for longer periods of time without getting too "out of breath". The compressor is also significantly less noisy, with minimal vibration and an extended service life.

The compressor is supplied with a single-phase 220 V motor with 3 kW or a three-phase 380 V motor.

"Excellent air quality thanks to unique filtration system"

It is equipped with an intermediate stage separator, suction micro filter, BA pre-filter with 80/345 mm diameter ( 0.5 mg/m3 residual oil) and a two-stage drain filter with activated carbon cartridge (removes oil residues and odours) and micromolecular screen (removes moisture).

Air quality meets and exceeds all prescribed EN12021:2014 standards.

The compressor is portable, three stage, air cooled, oil lubricated.

According to the customer's request, we set the safety valve to 200 or 300 bar and equip it with the corresponding filling end.

We also offer other options such as automatic defrost, auto stop, auto start, switching valve for 200 and 300 bar filling, filling adapter with safety valve for 200 bar and more.

Other specifications of the MISTRAL M8 compressor :

  • oil fill 500 ml
  • lock valves on all stages
  • wheels for easy transport
  • overheat protection
  • automatic drive belt tightening
  • hour counter
  • start/stop switch
  • Kevlar-reinforced 1.2 m long filling hose with pressure gauge and DIN filling nozzle included
  • Dimensions 74x47x47 cm
  • weight 67-68 kg
  • Complies with CE
  • Made in Greece by PARAMINA, founded in 1966

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