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TYPHOON OPEN 13ES 210 l/min electric compressor

TYPHOON OPEN13ES high pressure compressor, driven by 380 V electric motor, provides 210 l/min at a max. pressure of 350 bar.
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The TYPHOON OPEN13ES high pressure compressor, driven by a 380 V electric motor, provides 250 l/min at a maximum pressure of 350 bar. 

This high quality professional high pressure compressor is designed for continuous heavy duty commercial operation by divers, firefighters or airmen. Thanks to its low speed of 930 rpm, it is able to work continuously all day without getting too "out of breath". This also makes the compressor significantly less noisy, with minimal vibration and an extended service life.

The Typhoon compressor is also equipped with manual defrost for added safety and comfort of use. It also features overheating protection and an automatic shut-off via a pressure switch. 

The compressor is supplied with a three-phase 5.5 kW 380 V motor.

"Excellent air quality thanks to unique filtration system"

It is equipped with an intermediate stage separator, suction micro filter, BA pre-filter with 80/535 mm diameter ( 0.5 mg/m3 residual oil) and a twin two-phase drain filter with activated carbon cartridge (removes oil residues and odour) and micromolecular screen (removes moisture).

Air quality meets and exceeds all prescribed EN12021:2014 standards.

The compressor is portable, three stage, air cooled, oil lubricated.

The compressor controls are powered by 24 V (second electrical circuit) for added safety and the ability to connect automated low voltage elements (nitrox/trimix mixers, air dryers, etc.).

According to the customer's request, we can set the safety valve to 200 or 300 bar and equip the corresponding filling end. 

We also offer other options such as auto start, switching valve for 200 and 300 bar filling, filling adapter with safety valve for 200 bar, filling hose with simultaneous filling of 200 and 300 bar, more powerful skimming filter for extremely humid environments, extended service life and lower operating costs, sensor for oil level control and more.

Other specifications of the TYPHOON OPEN13ES compressor :

  • 2.2L oil cartridge
  • lock valves on all stages
  • overheat protection
  • automatic drive belt tightening
  • start/stop switch
  • kill switch
  • 400 bar end pressure gauge
  • integrated vibration cushions
  • One Kevlar reinforced 1.2 m long filling hose with pressure gauge and DIN filling nozzle included
  • Dimensions 107x54x70 cm
  • weight 143 kg
  • Complies with CE
  • Made in Greece by PARAMINA, founded in 1966

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