Diving equipment service

We offer our customers a complete and professional service of lung diving automatics (regulators), jackets and wings, diving lamps and cylinders. We also perform on-call battery replacement in diving computers with user replaceable cell. For others, we usually send them to the manufacturer for professional replacement.

What diving equipment services we offer

  • dive automation service
  • cleaning and certification of cylinders
  • pressure cylinder valve service
  • replacement of batteries and accumulators in diving equipment and computers
  • replacement of dioptric glasses in diving masks
  • service of diving jackets and wings
  • we also supply spare parts for most diving products
  • service of OTS and INTERSPIRO full face masks
  • service of Kirby Morgan diving helmets
  • we are authorized to service diving equipment for the Department of Defense and its components
  • repair and modification of wetsuits and drysuits

Service Price List:

Item Price Note
Complete service 1st st + 2nd st + octopus 1000 Kč + price of parts, approximately 1050 CZK
Service 1st stage 450 Kč + price of parts, approx. 550 CZK
Service 2nd stage 350 Kč + price of parts, approx. 250 CZK
Service octopus 350 Kč + price of parts, approx. 250 CZK
O2 service 100 CZK /pc
Jacket check 350 Kč
Inflator Service 350 Kč + price of parts, approximately 350 CZK
Completion of new automation 150 Kč
Dry Glove Installation 350 Kč
Bottle test 550 Kč + possible valve repair, mechanical and chemical cleaning - price depending on condition and damage
O2 cylinder service 250 Kč
O2 valve service 250 Kč

(these are approximate prices, the actual amount depends on the condition of the serviced equipment)

We are an authorized service center for the following manufacturers

(that is, we have been virtually trained by the manufacturer to perform professional maintenance and service interventions, successful accreditation is evidenced by the certificates presented below)

SCUBAPRO - service of diving regulators, valves and jackets

ATOMIC - diving controller service

AQUALUNG - service of diving regulators, valves and jackets

MARES - service of diving regulators and jackets

APEKS - service of diving controllers

KIRBY MORGAN - service of diving helmets and full face masks

OTS - full face mask service

INTERSPIRO - service of full-face masks

Authorization to perform service on diving apparatus from the Office of the State Technical Supervisor, Department of Defense