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Rash Guard Short Sleeve

Our new Rash Guards are available in great new colours and offer UPF 50+ protection. They can be used for all kinds of water sports and are comfortable, made from cool, lightweight, fast-drying material.

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Diving suits

Neoprene suit FACILE 7 mm, Cressi

The all-in-one is ideal for average water temperatures.
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This is a new version of the Facile wetsuit, made entirely from 7 mm Ultraspan neoprene which is exceptionally supple and soft, lined with Helioflex, a material that has excellent thermal characteristics. Facile HF is a wetsuit that has special features that limit water infiltrations as much as possible and therefore make it suitable for diving in tepid and cold waters. It includes an all-in-one with incorporated hood and a sleeveless vest that can be purchased separately. To limit the infiltration of water through the main zip (which stretches from the waist to the right cheek) the unique WSS (Water Stop System) has been used, this foresees a 3 mm neoprene bib, bonded to the inside of the suit at the main zip. The tiny amount of water that actually manages to penetrate the zip does not reach the diver’s body but collects between the internal surface of the all-in-one and this bib, which has its own zip that is not aligned with the main zip (making it easy to put on and take off). Therefore, this all-in-one is warmer than any other similar wetsuit on the market. The thickness is differentiated: 7 mm for the maximum protection in all the vital areas and 5 mm on the arms, calves, knees and hood, to increase freedom of movement. The incorporated hood, which prevents those annoying infiltrations of water at the neck, has an Airfree valve to automatically release stale air. The seals at the wrists and the ankles are double cuffed (3 mm outside + 2 mm single-lined inside). Therefore, gloves and boots are lodged, like in a neoprene “sandwich”, between the cuff and the main garment, guaranteeing a practically watertight seal. In the event of particularly cold water, the special jacket in 5 mm double lined neoprene can be worn over the all-in-one. This is sleeveless so that it does not inhibit movement. To avoid annoying overlaying of zips and possible infiltrations of water, the zip of the jacket has been positioned at the back. Who it is for When worn with the jacket this is a very warm wetsuit and is suitable for the coldest waters as it offers, in the chest area, 15 mm of neoprene at the front and 12 mm at the back. Its remarkable thickness makes this wetsuit ideal even in very deep water where its thermal performance exceeds that of semi-dry suits.
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