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A high quality and spacious bag, suitable for any of your Atomic regulators.
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The latest model of the ATOMIC AQUATICS FRAMELESS mask uniquely combines two types of silicone to make it the best frameless mask. Along with all the features that have made this mask so popular with demanding divers who want a wide, clear view, the FRAMELESS 2 is even more comfortable on long dives. The special flange made of soft silicone guarantees a perfect seal and a great feeling. The mask is available in standard, medium and large sizes, making it ideal for every face size. Features of the FRAMELESS 2 mask:

  • Durable and damage resistant
  • Special high-fine silicone flange
  • Optical quality UltraClear glass with zero image distortion
  • Hydrodynamic design with no exposed outer frame
  • Wide field of view and small internal volume
  • Excellent cheekpiece fit
  • Press-release notches
  • Clear or black silicone cheekpiece


  • medium
  • standard
  • large

UltraClear glass

All types of Atomic masks - Frameless, Frameless 2 and SubFrame use glasses that define a new standard of vision, unavailable in conventional masks. We call this technology UltraClear lenses. What is so unusual about UltraClear glasses? Have you ever noticed that the glass of a regular mask has a green tint? See for yourself - place your mask on a sheet of white paper and look closely. The green tint you see is due to the iron impurities in the float or "window" glass from which the mask is made. This green tint distorts the natural colors and prevents some of the incident light from reaching the eye. UltraClear is a new type of glass of superior optical quality with exceptional clarity and transparency without color distortion. The extraordinary transmittance and lack of distortion of UltraClear glass maximizes the amount of light passing through, which enhances sharpness, especially in degraded light conditions underwater.

Compact Travel Box

The Atomic Frameless Mask comes in a unique compact travel case in a cheekpiece color (black or clear). Our protective mask poudro is half the height of a conventional box. Both the SubFrame and Frameless models are designed to fold into a pocket or compact travel case. A travel case can also be purchased separately.

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Type of mask
Option of dioptric glasses
Coloured pupil
Suitable for
instrument diving, snorkelling

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