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Regulator LEGEND SUPREME ACD + octopus SET

Regulator LEGEND SUPREME ACD + octopus SET, Aqualung
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Regulator LEGEND SUPREME + octopus - complete

The new Legend range of regulators combines innovative future technology with an elegant cosmetic appearance. The regulators are smaller and lighter, making diving even more comfortable. Whether you're going to an exotic area or diving in your local area, you'll be able to dive like a pro and look like a rock star with Legend. Become a leader. Become an icon. Become a Legend.

First level:

  • Automatically closing the first stage after removal from the cylinder valve (ACD) prevents water from entering, which protects the internal lubrication and also makes it safer when using a breathing mixture with a higher percentage of oxygen.
  • The unique design of the weighted diaphragm provides superior performance at depth.
  • 2 high-pressure and 4 medium-pressure outlets are positioned so that hoses can be optimally connected.
  • Dry chamber system prevents water from entering the mainspring chamber, preventing frost and contamination.- DIN or caliper connection available
  • Basic package can be used for mixtures up to 40% oxygen

Second stage:

  • The pneumatically balanced second stage is characterised by its smooth and light operation.
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue.
  • Patented heat exchanger that surrounds the valve mechanism dissipates the cold created by expanding gas and warms the entire system by transferring the heat of the surrounding water.
  • Ergonomic exhalation whiskers remove bubbles from the field of view while also helping to reduce inspiratory drag.
  • The second stage is connected via a 74cm long Aqua Flex braided hose, which is lightweight and extremely flexible.Supreme version for water temperatures below 10°C:

In addition to the environmentally dry first stage system and heat exchanger on the second stage, which are on all models and provide excellent freeze resistance:

  • Supreme cold water versions are specifically set up to resist freezing.
  • Lip shield, lip protection against cold

LEGEND: The Legend features the same characteristics as the Legend LUX and Legend LX except for one thing: Instead of MBS control, it only has venturi control:

  • Venturi control helps prevent freeflow at the surface and when the automatic is removed from the mouth.
  • The breathing resistance is set to a fixed position so the diver does not have to worry about adjusting the automatic during the dive.OCTOPUS LEGEND
  • The pneumatically balanced second stage ensures consistently comfortable breathing at any pressure inside the bottle.
  • The oversized lever of the Venturi system is easy to reach and use during a dive. However, this lever is positioned so that it does not accidentally become entangled.
  • Designed for the Legend series.
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Cold water
Number of HP outputs
Number of LP outputs
Travel version
2nd stage connection
1st stage connection
Operating pressure
300 bar
LP output in the axis
Regulation of inspiratory resistance
Venturi effect limitation

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