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Scooter underwater 500Li,YAMAHA

The flagship of the Yamaha personal underwater scooter series - the 500 Li - represents the best performance and speed in this class.

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The flagship of Yamaha's personal watercraft series - the 500 Li - represents best-in-class performance and speed. It is built for both professionals and recreational divers. This powerful 500W unit can glide underwater at speeds of up to 7km/h. This allows divers to spend more time at greater depths with less effort. 

Basic features of the 500 Li:

- Travel time up to 90 minutes assuming normal use (up to approximately 40 minutes at continuous full speed)

- Reachable depth up to 40 m, top speed up to 7 km/h, three gears

- low battery indicator, uses advanced Lithium Ion battery with replaceable battery

- advanced flood protection system

- automatic buoyancy compensation system

- weight 9.5 kg including battery

- product dimensions: 319 x 300 x 610 mm

- the scooter is recommended for users aged 16 years and over

LI-ION battery to power the scooter

Lithium ion batteries are the most powerful rechargeable batteries currently available for electronic user products. The battery technology used in Yamaha's Li-series underwater scooters is the same as that used in today's electric vehicles and delivers excellent performance, efficiency and endurance. Li-ion battery powered devices provide a high power-to-weight ratio compared to devices operating with Lead-Acid (lead acid) or Ni-MH batteries. They therefore have the particular advantage of being lighter and more powerful than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size. Li-ion batteries are not a problem for air transport. 

Another advantage of Li-ion batteries is that they do not have a memory effect (so there is no need to fully discharge them before recharging), a significant amount of charge remains in the battery even after a long period of time without charging (e.g. during storage) and they can handle many (hundreds) of charge and discharge cycles.

The Li-ion battery system of YAMAHA underwater scooters is compact and lightweight. The batteries can be easily removed for external charging or for battery replacement. Li-ion batteries are a greener option to other types of batteries and have twice the life of conventional batteries. Charging time is also significantly reduced with these batteries.

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