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A true travel BCD with an innovative new strap system for increased comfort!

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FLY 17D COMFORT offers the user all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for.

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BCD/wing set 16H Comfort, FLY

FLY 16H COMFORT offers the user all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for.
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Wing Construction  FLY 16H Wing is approved to be used with 1x18 liter tank because of its span and inflator out of axis. It is not needful to use adaptor for one tank mounting. Stability is secured by a built-in micro-adapter that creates a “backbone” of the wing’s outer bag. When a single-tank is fastened with 2 tank bands, the micro-adapter locks it in place very firmly. The shape of the wing is horseshoe. It is small, compact and yet it posses sufficient buoyancy power (approx. 217 N) for a wide spectrum of users. The outer layer of material is Cordura 2000. Its rough weaving is almost indestructible and durable. Both inner layers, Cordura 500 or alternatively 500 micron PU foil without a protective nylon fibre are sufficiently robust materials that records outstanding attributes in terms of strength and durability. It is also sufficiently resistant to temperature changes and any diving conditions in general. Harness Design FLY Comfort Harness has a pleasant fit that delivers maximum comfort to its user. Padded shoulder straps are very comfortable when carrying heavy diving equipment and prevent the wear and tear of your gear. Sophisticated fastening system proven by the parachutists allows quick and safe manipulation with the harness, including its size adjustment for the actual user and easy donning and doffing of equipment. At the same time the straps can't be disjoined in 2 parts what's very important for the diver's safety. Absence of any plastic parts and exclusive use of stainless steel makes the product trustful already at the phase of purchase. The harness is equipped with stoppers made of 2 mm stainless steel and stainless steel D-rings thick 5 mm which are precisely welded and abraded. Backplate can be delivered in shiny gloss stainless steel 3 mm (2,75 kg - 6 lb) or in aluminium (0,75 kg - 1,7 lb) which is well usable for traveling.

Weight pockets System There are 2 double-part weight pockets included in the complete set of wing and harness. The pockets are equipped with the plastic buckles, fixed outer pocket and loose inner pocket. The anatomically shaped inner pockets are double secured: first with the buckle in front part and velcro zipper on its periphery. Each pocket is able to carry 5 kg (11 lb) of soft weight but it stays compact and well positioned. There is the low profile D-ring on left pocket for the pressure gauge fixing and Finn Light holder on the right pocket (for canister lights FINN LIGHT).

Safety first FLY BCD comply with qualifications of European Standards and possess all important CE Certificates.

Specification Wing: FLY 16 Horseshoe

Two layer Wing 16 l / 217 N (35 lb) for mono tank 12 l, 15 l, 18 l Outer material: Cordura 2000 Inner material: highly welded Cordura 500 TPU coated / alternatively 500 micron PU foil High Quality Inflator 50 cm (20 inch) with Rapid Exhaust Valve Integrated adapter for right position of the tank 3 exhaust valves YKK zipper 65 cm (26,5 inch) LP hose 2 Tank Bands with buckle Harness: Comfort Harness with weight system

Alu or Stainless Steel Polished Backplate Secure adjusting system of straps Anatomically shaped and padded shoulder straps in 2 sizes (S-XL and XXL) 7x Stopper, 7x D-ring Back buoy pocket Adjustable breast strap Adjustable crotch strap with D-ring Waist strap + metal belt buckle with logo F Weight pockets with buckles (Left pocket with D-ring, Right pocket with Finnlight holder) One size fits most (S-XL), bigger size of harness (XXL) possible

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