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Cressi Leonardo in console with pressure gauge. The dive computer for beginners and advanced divers. Leonardo wins the favor of customers for several reasons.
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Leonardo diving decompression computer in console with manometer

Cressi Leonardo. Dive computer for beginners and advanced divers. Leonardo wins the favor of customers for several reasons. The first is the modern attractive look. The case with strap is made of high quality thermo-rubber with high durability. It comes in four color combinations of black with blue, white and pink. The second big advantage is only one control button. Leonardo is also gaining popularity thanks to its clear display with large numbers that are easy to see even in low visibility. It has a backlit display, audible alarms, the ability to transfer data to a PC and a modern RBGM algorithm for diving with air and Nitrox. A great advantage is also the possibility of battery replacement by the user.

Description of Cressi Leonardo decompression computer
  • Intuitive one-button operation
  • Cressi RGBM algorithm. A new algorithm, developed through the Cressi - Bruce Wienke collaboration, based on the Haldane model with incorporated RGBM factors for safe decompression calculation during repetitive multi-day dives. 9 saturation half-lives from 2.5 to 480 minutes.
  • Dive program: complete dive data processing, including eventual decompression, for diving with air or nitrox.
  • Complete adjustment of O2 (percent oxygen) and PO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) values, with PO2 settings from 1.2 bar to 1.6 bar, and O2 between 21% and 50%.
  • Possibility to perform diving with nitrox mixture after a dive with compressed air (even during ongoing desaturation).
  • Gauge mode (depth gauge and timing).
  • Deep Stop function can be turned on or off.
  • Wide display with "PCD" system for perfect understanding and good reading.
  • Removable display protector.
  • User replaceable battery.
  • Planning: safety curve display.
  • Use to change units of measure from metric system (meters and °C) to Anglo-American system (ft - °F).
  • Acoustic and visual alarms.
  • Graphic indicator of CNS oxygen toxicity.
  • Display backlight.
  • Built-in calendar and watch.
  • Logbook (70 hours or 60 dives) with complete dive profile.
  • Dive history.
  • Complete reset option, suitable for renting or loaning the device.
  • PC/Mac interface with simulator and dive profile (optional).

Technische Daten

Art des Instruments Konsole
Version Konsole
Druckübertragung in der Flasche nicht
Frei/Apnoe-Modus Falsch
CCR-Modus Falsch
Digitaler Kompass Falsch
Vom Benutzer austauschbare Batterie Wahr
Hintergrundbeleuchtetes Display Wahr
Anzahl der einstellbaren Mischungen 1
Umschalten von Mischungen unter Wasser Falsch
O2-Einstellungen 21-50%
Kontrollen auf Tschechisch Falsch
Überwachung der Herzfrequenz Falsch
Nitrox-Modus Wahr
Trimix-Modus Falsch
Modus Messgerät Ja
Gewicht 0.4

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