Finnsub wing FLY 20D comfort set

Marke: FLY

The Finnsub FLY 20D Comfort is designed for the sport diver with a technical diving style.
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Finnsub FLY 20 Donut wing

Option of aluminium or stainless steel backplate

Finnsub Finnsub FLY 20 Donut wing specifications

  • Twin wing 20 l / 197 N for twin max 2x 12 l.
  • Outer material: Cordura 2000
  • Inner material: high frequency welded Cordura 500 with PU coating / optional PU film 500 micron
  • High quality metal inflator 40 cm with elbow
  • Integrated adapter for correct anchoring of the bottle
  • 2x drain valve
  • YKK zipper
  • LP hose 55 cm

Finnsub FLY Comfort with weight pockets

  • Back plate in anodised aluminium or polished stainless steel
  • Secure retractable shoulder strap system
  • Ergonomically shaped and padded shoulder straps in 2 sizes (S-XL and XXL)
  • 7x Ladder, 7x D-ring
  • Back buoy pocket
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Adjustable crotch strap with D-ring
  • Lumbar strap + metal buckle with "F" logo
  • Tech Pockets with buckle (left pocket with D-ring, right pocket with Finn Light holder)
  • One size (S-XL) fits 90% of users, larger harness size (XXL) available on request

Wing construction

The Finnsub FLY 20D Wing is designed for twin max 2x 12L by its shape, volume and on-axis inflator. The shape of this wing is very aerodynamic. It is small, compact and at the same time offers sufficient lift force (approx. 197 N) for the whole spectrum of users. The outer material consists of coarsely woven Cordura 2000, which is very abrasion resistant and almost indestructible. The inner tube is made of the proven 500 g/m2 Cordura with PU coating, or optionally of an even more resistant material - 500 micron PU film. This has exceptional strength properties and is also very resistant to temperature changes in all diving conditions.

Device / backplate

The comfort design of the Finnsub FLY Comfort Harness allows the user maximum comfort in use. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable when wearing heavy gear and prevent wear and tear on the diving suit. They also ward off the threat of DCS that can be caused by a hard shoulder strap digging into the shoulder during a dive. The ingenious parachute-tested tightening system allows for quick and safe adjustment of the shoulder strap length to the user's momentary needs, without disconnecting the straps into 2 parts! The absence of plastic parts and the overall stainless steel design increase the user's confidence already at the sales stage. The metal components are stainless steel, quality machined and deburred, with a precision finish. The ladders are made of 2 mm thick stainless steel, which noticeably increases their strength, and 5 mm diameter round steel is used for the D-rings. The back plate comes in 2 versions: polished stainless steel 3 mm thick and weighing 2.75 kg or aluminium 3 mm thick and weighing 0.75 kg, with a natural anodised finish. The aluminium version is suitable for travelling due to its low weight.

Load system

The comfort version of the harness comes standard with two 2-piece Tech Pockets weight pockets, consisting of a fixed outer pocket and a removable inner pocket. The anatomically shaped inner pockets are secured in two ways: by a strong, high quality plastic buckle in the front and by Velcro on its perimeter. Each of the pockets, despite its compact size and location in the body streamline, will allow you to carry 5 kg of loose weight. The pockets are equipped with practical extras: the left pocket features a lowered perpendicular D-ring for attaching a pressure gauge, and the right pocket features a holder for a canister version of Finn Light flashlights.


All Finnsub FLY buoyancy compensators have been tested by a testing institute, comply with European Union directives and are CE certified.


Technische Daten

Integriertes Vorschaltgerät Ja
Hintere Gewichtstaschen Falsch
Kompensator-Typ Flügel

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