Regulator ATOMIC M1 - octopus

The Atomic M1 series - equipped with the patented "AFC" function - to ensure maximum performance at any depth.
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Atomic M1 Series - Octopus

Why the whole octopus family?

Each Atomic octopus is conceived and built with the same precision as its primary model. So when you need it, you know what to expect. All of our octopuses come standard with an extra-long 36" (92cm) hose. 

Cloning can be a good thing

Atomic's octopuses reduce stress in emergency situations. Would you or your buddy like to breathe from a second-rate automatic in an emergency? Our octopuses simply breathe easy with a breathing resistance of 0.56 J/l (according to EN 250) and automatic flow control (AFC). All Atomic basic regulator models are also available as octopuses with a highly visible yellow cover and 36" (92cm) hose.


The M1 second stage is factory-prepared to use high oxygen (up to 100%) mixtures. The metering valve is made of Zirconium plated brass for fast heat transfer and complete with a heat exchanger (Heat Sink) to reduce the possibility of freezing in cold water. The key components of the second stage are made of Titanium or 316 grade stainless steel, guaranteeing complete corrosion resistance. The front cover design reduces the sensitivity of the regulator to currents and water bypass.

Total weight is 430g.

All Atomic Aquatics Safe Seconds (octopuses) have a service interval of 2 years/300 dives and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Technische Daten

Kaltes Wasser Wahr
Ausgewogene Wahr
Anschluss der 2. Stufe Nachrichten
Regulierung des Inspirationswiderstands Wahr
Begrenzung des Venturi-Effekts Falsch
Gewicht 0.5

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