Regulator CORE SUPREME ACD + Octopus

Brand: Aqualung

Regulator CORE SUPREME ACD + Octopus CORE, Aqualung
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Regulator CORE SUPREME ACD - complete 1st and 2nd stage + Octopus CORE

CORE represents the best value for money choice on the market today, thanks to breathwork that is rated "excellent" on the ANSTI breathalyzer and other great features including ACD (patented automatic closure of the first stage against contaminants).


  • ACD - Automatically closes the first stage when the automatic is removed from the bottle valve, keeping the first stage completely clean and properly lubricated, which is also safer for use with enriched oxygen mixtures.
  • The balanced diaphragm first stage provides excellent and stable performance.
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage provides smooth and easy breathing.
  • Available in DIN (max. 300 bar) or INT (max. 232 bar) version.
  • T-shaped first stage optimizes the placement of 4 medium and 2 high pressure ports.
  • Spare parts are also common for other Aqua Lung models, making servicing very easy.
  • Venturi lever is easy to use to prevent freefow at the surface or improve performance at depth.
  • Patented heat exchangers that surround the valve mechanism dissipate the cold caused by expanding gas and heat the mechanism with ambient water temperature.
  • The new out-of-the-box automatic is EAN 40 compatible.
  • The automatic features Aqua Lung's patented Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece, which is equipped with a multi-use tightening band.
  • The Supreme designation indicates that the dispenser has been certified for cold water (below 10°C).


  • Number of models: 4 - CORE DIN, CORE INT, CORE Supreme DIN, CORE Supreme DIN
  • First stage type: Balanced diaphragm
  • ACD: Yes
  • Number of HP ports: 2
  • Number of MP ports: 4
  • First stage flow rate: 1450 l/min
  • First stage DIN weight: 510 g
  • Weight of INT first stage: 700 g
  • Dry chamber: Supreme model only
  • First stage surface: chrome plated marine brass
  • Type of second stage: Pneumatically balanced
  • Control: Venturi lever
  • Inhalation Resistance: preset
  • Mouthpieces: 2 - Comfobite fitted and standard with wings included
  • Lip shield: Only on Supreme model
  • Heat Exchangers: On all models
  • Second stage weight: 175 g
  • Weight of second stage supreme: 178 g
  • Hose length: 730 mm
  • Total breath work (WOB): 0.8 joules/litre
  • Compatibility with Nitrox: Yes up to 40% if the machine is new, originally packed

Data sheet

Cold water yes
1.stage type membránový
Balanced yes
Number of HP ports 2
Number of HP ports 4
Travel performance no
2.stage connection zprava
1. stage connection DIN/INT
working pressure 300 bar
LP port in axis no
Regulation of exhaust resistance no
Venturi effect limitation yes

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