PRO dry suit without accessories

The PRO dry suit from Viking is the best-selling and most popular model from this renowned brand. It is a 1050g/m2 rubber suit and is suitable for all types of diving and toxic environments.
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Viking PRO dry suit without accessories

The suit comes without sleeve and neck cuffs, hood and valves. Here you can choose accessories according to your needs such as latex, rubber or neoprene hood, latex cuffs or special rubber rings for dry rubber gloves or special collars for helmets etc.

The PRO drysuit from Viking is the best-selling and most popular model from this renowned brand. It is a rubber suit with a weight of 1050g/m2 and is suitable for all types of diving and mainly for toxic environments. Viking PRO is easy to clean from toxic and other contaminants and thanks to the material it is made of, it is easy and quick to repair, minimizing downtime.

Technical Specifications:

  • Seam seams: 25mm wide vulcanized tape
  • Internal seams: sewn with heavy-duty thread
  • Material is a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM)
  • Total material weight is 1050 +/- 100g/m2
  • Easy to clean when contaminated even with toxic waste
  • Quickly and easily repairable with adhesive kit
  • Anatomically cut which ensures flexibility and comfortable
  • Back horizontal Velcro (for the variant in red the zipper is magnetic, for the variant in black the zipper is non-magnetic)
  • Robot Velcro DBM 90cm long
  • The boots are made of the same material as the whole suit, therefore they have no thermal insulation property
  • The boots have a non-slip hard sole
  • There is a fin strap attachment on the heel
  • An additional textured upper layer to reduce wear in the shoulder and zipper area, then the seat area and from the front of the thighs to the instep of the boots



Data sheet

Type of neoprene dry
Hood without hood
Destination Men's
Cut of neoprene One-piece
Material thickness 1
Type of suit dry
Suit material Rubber
Zipper location Rear
Sleeve cuffs latex
Neck Cuff latex
Weight 4

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