Regulator CALYPSO PARTNER Nitrox 26x2, Aqualung

Brand: Aqualung

Regulator CALYPSO PARTNER Nitrox 26x2, Aqualung
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Aqualung CALYPSO PARTNER Nitrox 26x2, first and second stage

The Calypso O2 has the same characteristics as the popular Calypso, but in addition is ready for use with a higher percentage of oxygen (40-100%). The Calypso O2 is an excellent choice for technical divers who require a regulator for shallow water with the option of using a higher percentage oxygen mix.

The regulator is assembled in a special absolute clean room and undergoes rigorous adiabatic compression testing to ensure use with a high percentage of oxygen. Such rigorous testing is carried out by few companies in the world today and Aqualung uses the expertise of its technical gases parent company, Air Liquide. The automation is clearly identifiable by the green caliper screw and green shower button. Calypso Nitrox / O2 Partner has a 1m long yellow medium pressure hose.M26x2 connection.

VARGING: Do not use this regulator with enriched air unless you have received special training from a company that is certified to use mixtures with an air content greater than 40%.


Data sheet

Cold water ne
Type Piston
Balanced ne
Number of HP outputs 1
Number of LP outputs 4
Travel version ne
2nd stage connection News
1st stage connection DIN
Operating pressure 200 bar
LP output in the axis ne
Regulation of inspiratory resistance ne
Venturi effect limitation ano
Weight 1.5

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