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Monofin for mermaid costumes

Monofin Happy Tails consists of inner and outer part. The inner fin is made of high quality attested polypropylene material, the outer part of the fin is made of neoprene coating. The monofin is very flexible and durable.

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Regulator sets

Regulator sets

Reference: XTX50

Brand: Apeks

Regulator APEKS XTX 50 complete

The XTX50 + DST4 is for the discerning diver who wants the benefits of a feature-rich regulator at a moderate price. This popular regulator has four medium-pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret, resulting in optimal hose routing while eliminating sharp bends in the hose.

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Price Kč9,319

Reference: LOOP72X_DIN

Brand: MARES

LOOP 72X Loop 72X Loop 72X

The Loop, a vertical regulator revolution! Setting new regulator standards, this unique model from Mares represents true innovation. This combinaion sees it paired with the 72X first stage which is suited to both recreational and tech configurations.

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Price Kč8,725

Reference: M1

Brand: Atomic Aquatics

Automatika ATOMIC M1, set

Automatiky Atomic řady M1 jsou díky svému extrémně širokému spektru výkonu vhodné pro ty nejnáročnější podmínky potápění, jaké si jen potápěč dovede představit.

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Price Kč16,990

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