Monofin for mermaid costumes

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Monofin Happy Tails consists of inner and outer part. The inner fin is made of high quality attested polypropylene material, the outer part of the fin is made of neoprene coating. The monofin is very flexible and durable.

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Junior monofin:

Choose Junior monofin for feet up to size 37 inclusive (it fits to costume sizes 110 – 152)

Teen monofin:

Choose monofin Teen for feet from size 38 (it fits to costume size S).

Happy tails monofin – comfort, elasticity, easy swimmingThe Happy tail monofin consists of an inner and an outer part. The inner fin is made of high quality attested polypropylene material, the outer part of the fin is formed by neoprene cover. The monofin is very elastic and durable. The fin has excellent properties thanks to its improved shape and swimming with a monofin is therefore easier and more entertaining. Keep safety in mind and use the monofin always only under adult supervision!We wish you a lot of fun.

DetailsJUNIOR monofin fits to tail sizes 110/116, 122/128, 134/140, 146/152TEEN monofin fits to tail sizes adults SA team of top divers participated in the development of the Happy tails monofin. The fin is designed not only for comfort, but also for easy and fast swimming. When using it you will make sure that swimming with our monfin is easy and when making correct dolphin wave movements you will achieve a high swimming speed. The fin is light as well, it swims on the surface when thrown into the water, there is no danger that the fin would pull the swimmer down to the bottom. We wish you a lot of fun!

SafetyUse the monofin always only under adult supervision!A user should fulfil 7 necessary skills before using the monofin. Watch our instructional video.Always put the monofin on aground, never in the water.Try aground and then in the water, how to put off fast and safely the monofin and the costume.Never overestimate your potential when swimming with a monofin.Never swim too far out of sight of the others.Never walk and jump in the monofin.Always use a correct size of the monofin (monofin socks are tightly around the ankles and monofin holds on to feet safely).

Instructions for treatment and use of the monofinPay attention to the treatment symbols on the label of the neoprene cover.Dry the neoprene after each use.Wash the neoprene cover only by hand in fresh water at 30°C, use a fine gel detergent and then just press out water and do not squeeze, do not bend the neoprene, there is a danger of cracking. The best is to shower the whole monofin in lukewarm fresh water, to hang it and to let it drip out and then to dry.Do not use bleachers and fabric softeners!Do not dry the swimsuit in direct sunlight or in a dryer, it might come to colour changes and to loss of material strength.Do not leave the wet neoprene in an in impermeable packaging for a long time.Tanning preparations and body lotion contain oil that can damage elastic fibres of the product in combination with sweat, chlorine or sea salt.We do not guarantee values of material stability in contact with thermal water and aggressive pool chemistry.Rough surface can damage the fabric, put on the monofin preferably on a bath towel, a foam pad or on another smooth surface on the edge of the pool.Long-term influence of the sun, sea and chlorinated water can cause discolouration or decrease in elasticity of fabric, rubber bands etc.Avoid contact with rough surfaces – never walk and jump in the monofin.

Damage due to non-compliance of these treatment principles is not subject to complaint.

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