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BCDs - Buoyancy Compensators

BCDs - Buoyancy Compensators

BCDs - Buoyancy Compensators

When choosing a so-called BCD, or lift compensator, you need to choose between a wing and a jacket, or choose something in between. Jackets are still popular especially among beginners, while wings are praised by moderately advanced divers. However, this certainly doesn't mean that a beginner can't like a wing and vice versa. Diving wings provide comfort and freedom when diving, with a jacket you have more visibility of inflation and deflation and balancing can be a bit easier. 

We can also help you choose a diving jacket or wing by phone or in our brick and mortar stores. 


Brand: FLY

Wing FLY ultralite set

FLY ultralite set - an extremely lightweight and compact set with no weight pockets available for purchase.

Reference: KAILA_M

Brand: MARES

Kaila SLS

Kaila, one of Mares' flagship models, becomes even better with the Kaila SLS! A dedicated She Dives solution with a range of features.

Price $404.36
In stock