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Octopuses or backup second stages of the diving regulator differ in the materials used and the way of processing. Some octopuses have the ability to regulate the breathing resistance and when choosing one you should also think about the manufacturer's brand, which should match the first stage of your regulator.

We will be happy to help you with your octopus selection we can also help you by phone or in our brick and mortar stores. 

Reference: Z2OCTOPUS

Brand: Atomic Aquatics

Regulator ATOMIC Z2 - octopus

Most manufacturers make two types of octopus - "economical" and "performance". However, even the high-end versions of these backup second stages don't come close to the performance of Atomic Aquatics' "safe seconds".

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Price $219.00

Reference: MTXROCTO

Brand: Apeks

Regulator MTX-R octopus

The MTX-R is based on the MTX model, which was created according to the requirements of the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit.

Out of stock, delivery within 30 days
Price $263.00

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