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Regulator accessories

Regulator accessories
Regulator accessories

Regulator accessories

Your regulator deserves only the best, you can get it a practical case or cover in our e-shop to protect it on the go. Useful are also carabiners for attaching the octopus or manometer, rubbers for the octopus to the neck or knee pads and other accessories for easier assembly of various configurations. Popular accessories for regulators include hose of various lengths and materials.

Reference: PSLP2


Elbow-diverter to 1st st. medium pres.90 deg

With this "elbow" adapter, you can run the medium pressure hose lengthwise with the 1st stage body and also perpendicular to the 1st stage. Sometimes a perpendicular connection to the 1st stage is not quite ideal and there may also be a lack of ports for the medium pressure.

Price Kč1,200
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Brand: MARES

Air Nozzle

Optimize your tank, quick connect and disconnect to your LP hose. High power air gun to clean, dry or use as an inflator.

Price Kč1,079
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Reference: swagelok

Brand: SPP

QC6 quick connector

QC6 connector for quick connection of regulatory hose without reducers with standard thread 9/16 UNF. Set - male and female

Price Kč5,400
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