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Reference: D01

Lamp D01 1050 lumen

High quality diving impact resistant 1050 lumen lamp, powered by three C batteries or two 18650 batteries.

Price Kč1,740
Out of stock, delivery within 14 days

Reference: D05

Lamp D05 1050 lumen

Quality diving shockproof lamp with a decent output of 1050 lumen, powered by a Li-on 18650 cell.

Price Kč1,520
Out of stock, delivery within 14 days
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Primary torches

Primary torches
Primary torches

Primary torches

Choose your dive light according to the conditions in which you will dive most often. Powerful lamps will be appreciated in poor visibility in Czech waters or if you are an enthusiastic night diver. Conversely, for travel you'll want a smaller, lighter torch. Some dive lights have rechargeable cells, others are charged with a USB cable directly from a computer or power outlet. There are also differences in the way they turn on, some lamps rotate, others have a button or slider. 

We will be happy to help you with the selection of a dive head light over the phone or in our brick and mortar stores.