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Accessories for BCDs

Accessories for BCDs
Accessories for BCDs

Accessories for BCDs

Diving jackets and wings can be freely accessorized and customized, the accessories category offers all the necessary accessories. Here you will find weight pockets and weights, backplates, D-rings, stoppers, as well as various clips, holds and grips. You may also need inflator hoses for both jackets and wings, and multifunctional frames for the wardrobe. 

We can also help you with the selection of accessories for diving jackets and wings by phone or in our brick-and-mortar stores. 

Reference: PSLP2


Elbow-diverter to 1st st. medium pres.90 deg

With this "elbow" adapter, you can run the medium pressure hose lengthwise with the 1st stage body and also perpendicular to the 1st stage. Sometimes a perpendicular connection to the 1st stage is not quite ideal and there may also be a lack of ports for the medium pressure.

Price Kč1,200
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Brand: MARES

Cargo Pocket

A large, versatile pocket which can be attached to your dive harness for transporting essential items on your tec dives.

Price Kč1,079
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