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Reference: ATX40DS4

Brand: Apeks

APEKS ATX40 + DS4 regulator set

Apeks regulators with non-rotating first stage DS4 are now available again for special prices. The offer applies to the ATX40 / DS4 regulator set and the ATX40 / DS4 + ATX 40 octopus set.

Price $239.25
Out of stock, delivery within 30 days
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Regulator sets

Regulator sets
Regulator sets

Regulator sets

Complete diving regulators are pre-selected and pre-assembled kits, most often including first and second stages, sometimes including an octopus and possibly a manometer. The kits are assembled so that their combination offers the best comfort in the category. In our dive e-shop you will find regulator diving kits for recreational divers as well as kits designed specifically for cold water and ice or for use in more demanding conditions.

Reference: M1

Brand: Atomic Aquatics

ATOMIC M1, regulator set

The Atomic M1 series automatic diving masks are suitable for the most demanding diving conditions imaginable due to their extremely wide range of performance.

Price $702.22
Out of stock, delivery within 2 days

Reference: XTX40

Brand: Apeks

Regulator APEKS XTX 40 complete

Although the XTX40 is a mid-range Apeks regulator, it is still classed as a high performance regulator in independent reviews. The XTX40 comes with all the features of our highly successful XTX50 with the exception of diver adjustable breathing resistance control.

Price $318.63
Out of stock, delivery within 30 days