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Gas analyzers

Gas analyzers
Gas analyzers

Gas analyzers

Gas analyzers are useful for dive centers and schools, but also for individuals who often travel to exotic lands and like to control the mixture in their cylinders. 

Reference: NUVAIRPRO


Nuvair Pro O2 Handheld Analyzer 9 V

The Nuvair Pro O2 Handheld Analyzer measures oxygen levels in mixed gases from 1% to 100% oxygen. It comes with a water- and impact-resistant case and is available in three power options: Wall plug-in, 9-volt or rechargeable lithium battery.

Price Kč8,990
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Reference: ZIPDEOX


Oxygen Analyzer DE-OX ZIP

The ZIP oxygen analyser is used to measure the oxygen content of gases such as Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix. The measurement is digital and is made on the basis of a previous calibration of the instrument. The value is displayed as a percentage with resolution to tenths.

Price Kč8,750
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Reference: GENIUSN

Brand: LMNT

GENIUS nitrox mixer

Reliable continuous mixing plant "mixer" for the production of Nitrox mixtures up to 40 % O2.

Price Kč89,000
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Reference: PICO

Brand: NRC

PIC O2 Analyzer

The NRC PIC O2 Analyzer is a small and portable oxygen concentration measuring instrument.

Price Kč4,590
Out of stock, delivery within 7 days