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We recommend that you choose your diving equipment carefully according to the waters and conditions in which you dive most often. Some automatics are only suitable for warm waters abroad, others can be used year-round even when diving in the Czech Republic. Automatics also differ in the materials used and in details such as breathing resistance control or number of outputs on the first stage. 

Complete diving automation consists of a first and second stage, an octopus and a manometer, you should always choose products from the same manufacturer, only then you are guaranteed compatibility. As standard, the automatics do not come with a high pressure hose to the inflator, this is instead included with most wings and jacquets. 

We will be happy to help you with the selection of diving automatics by phone or in our brick-and-mortar stores. 

Reference: PSLP2


Elbow-diverter to 1st st. medium pres.90 deg

With this "elbow" adapter, you can run the medium pressure hose lengthwise with the 1st stage body and also perpendicular to the 1st stage. Sometimes a perpendicular connection to the 1st stage is not quite ideal and there may also be a lack of ports for the medium pressure.

Price Kč1,200
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Reference: XTX50IIST

Brand: Apeks

Regulator APEKS 50 XTX second stage

The second stage is equipped with XTX50 RVS (duplex venturi system), DCE (removable louvers deflectors), CRC (stepless inspiratory resistance using bolt) and heat exchanger. It is suitable for diving in cold water (less than 10 ° C.

Price Kč6,260
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Reference: ULTRAADJ82X_DIN

Brand: MARES

Ultra Adj 82X

With Twin Power system regulation and adjustable breathing comfort to suit your needs.

Price Kč11,228
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Brand: MARES

Air Nozzle

Optimize your tank, quick connect and disconnect to your LP hose. High power air gun to clean, dry or use as an inflator.

Price Kč900
In stock