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An evolution of the successful Puck Pro, the Puck Pro + is easy to read with an even more attractive, sleek design and perfect fit.

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Computer F10
  • Computer F10

Computer F10

The F10 Freediving Computer has all the features you need for freediving.

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F10 computer, Aeris

The F10 computer specializes in freediving and contains all the features you'll need for freediving. The computer digitally displays depth and elapsed time, both at the surface and underwater. It also offers a multitude of customizable audio and LED visual alerts and interval alerts for maximum performance and safety.

  • Freedive's main mode displays depth and elapsed dive time with access to either a preset countdown or stopwatch
  • User-adjustable surface pause timer, repeated elapsed dive time alerts, as well as repeated depth alerts at intervals according to three different adjustable depth alerts - via audible signals, flashing LEDs and automatic under-dash display.
  • Up to 99 dive logs indicating maximum depth, elapsed dive time and time spent at the surface
  • Each dive in the profile memory can be scrolled backwards in time and depth in 1 second increments
  • Dive History mode showing:
    • All elapsed underwater time and number of dives
    • Maximum depth reached including time to reach it
    • Longest dive time with its maximum depth
    • Average maximum depth
    • Elapsed dive time
    • Multiple dives per day
  • Digital watch function:
    • Alternate time zone
    • Chronograph (hundredths of seconds accurate time)
    • Daily alarm
    • Countdown
  • Cable option for 1 second dive data download to PC
  • User replaceable battery
  • User adjustable depth activation for shallow water training
  • Firmware (with optional cable) can be user-updated
  • Setting for salt or fresh water
  • Enhanced resolution of time and depth settings
  • Useable countdown for training after intervals
  • Added last dive history (zeroing automatically at midnight or manually)
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Martin Stepanek's view of the F10, multiple world champion freediver

"The Aeris F10 computer was designed by freedivers for freedivers. It includes several specific features including a wide range of practical alerts. The F10 is very suitable for all types of breathing diving, such as spearfishing, freediving, recreational and/or competitive breathing diving. I have personally dived with this computer for the last 14 months, during which time I have appreciated the recurring depth alerts capable of monitoring every atmosphere.

The F10 also includes a surfacing interval alert, which has been very useful during my interval training sessions for competitive freediving. Unlike other freedive watches on the market, the F10 has a unique stopwatch that stays on the display when turned on in freedive mode, even after a dive, which normally disappears from the display when you dive and automatically engage dive mode.This is a unique feature in terms of safety and tracking your dive partner.

The F10 is also the best freedive computer on the market. No doubt about it. "Martin StepanekMultiple world champion in breath-hold divingFounder of F.I.I. - Freediving Instructors InternationalF.I.I. approved. - Leading Freediving Education Agency

The F10 training video describes the Introduction to Button Control and User Interface using the eDiving Simulator

Digital watch features

Surface mode and menu settings

Freediving Warning