WEEZLE socks

Extended Pertex socks to complement WEEZLE Compact or Extreme +..

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FLEECE undercoat

FLEECE undercoat made of active permeable material polarfleec. Provides solid thermal insulation in warmer seasons or for neoprene dry suits.

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Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit
  • Heavy Light Military Suit

Heavy Light Military Suit

The Heavy Light Military suit has been developed for the demanding special tasks of the armed forces.
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This suit is not intended for civilian use, it is supplied exclusively for the work of professional soldiers and other armed forces. All black. Can be supplied in a non-magnetic version.


The HL Military suit is made of extremely durable Cordura trilaminate with a density of 580 g/m2. Despite its strength, it is very ergonomic and comfortable. Its resistance to external adversity is enhanced by the use of Cordura on the surface. Thanks to this technology, the suit not only has excellent strength, but also high resistance to tears, punctures and, of course, normal wear and tear.


The front zipper allows for easy dressing without the need for assistance. The covering flap protects the velcro from abrasion and will not allow sand or dirt to contaminate the zipper. Inside the suit are integrated suspenders which, in conjunction with the elastic inter-leg strap, create a telescopic waist. It is this telescopic construction that makes the suit feel as comfortable as a regular suit. The suit is reinforced at the seat and shins for increased mechanical resistance. The seams are double sealed with patented technology. Seams

The patented technology of Ursuit's unique double-sealed seams provides the most important thing you can expect from a drysuit warranty - a lifetime guarantee on their strength and waterproofness.


Ursuit's integrated howitzer is also known as the "dry howitzer" due to its unique design that you won't find in any other manufacturer. A 5 mm neoprene howitzer with a fine double-sided smooth cheekpiece that allows the use of both regular and full-face masks. The cheekpiece is made of pleated 4 mm neoprene with a smooth surface on both sides and a layer of nylon inside, which gives the cheekpiece enough strength and protects it against damage even after years of use. The perfectly anatomically shaped chin ensures a great fit along the entire face. Also available on request is a haubna for professional use when diving with a full-face mask. 


There is a double map pocket on the left thigh with a flap attached to the back of the pocket. A compass pocket on the left forearm. Pressure bottle pocket on the left thigh with straps for fixing it and a filling valve for the independent inflation system.


The Ursuit boots are very comfortable and warm. Their shape allows the use of both sport and technical fin types. They are made of 4mm neoprene material, which is partially covered with a latex layer. This combination ensures high thermal comfort even without the use of special socks. For normal use, two sports socks are quite sufficient, the outer one thicker, preferably woolen. For longer exposures, a special X-Tex Sock is recommended. Thanks to the stops on the heels, the fins will hold perfectly.


The 360° swivel inlet valve reduces strain on the inlet hose. The automatic low-profile drain valve is fitted with a filter and is easy to keep clean. A neoprene flap is fitted under the filling valve to prevent direct access of cold air to the body. 


The wrist cuffs are protected from abrasion. Reinforced seat and knees, non-slip surface on elbows. Telescopic waistband allows multiple people of different heights to use the suit. Suspenders, loops for easier drying and an elasticated crotch strap are integrated into the suit.


The suit comes in a handy transport and storage bag. Included is a medium pressure hose, crushed soap for easier cuff donning, wax for lubricating the Velcro, a service kit for quick bonding and a knitted cap or Ursuit cap. 

Technical details
  • Material: Cordura trilaminate 580g/m2
  • Drain valve on left shoulder, swivel inflation valve on left thigh
  • Seat, knee and elbow reinforcement
  • Integrated braces and loops for easier drying
  • Latex neck cuff and wrist cuffs
  • Two-piece map pocket on left thigh, pressure bottle pocket on left thigh, compass pocket on left forearm
Accessories on request
  • P - Valve
  • Quick relief zipper
  • Knife pockets, backup flashlight, map or compass pocket
  • Integrated independent suit inflation system, located on the thigh (argon)
  • Integrated dry gloves and/or integrated wrist rings
  • Standard boots can be replaced with 4 mm compressed neoprene socks (use with Tactical Trek Boots), or a lightweight version of the boots - Tech Dry boots
  • Detachable zippered haubna
  • Valve and hose type can be selected according to future use
  • The price of the suit includes the size of the boots, howitzer and cuffs at the customer's request
  • Individual suit customisation, possibility to make a bespoke suit
  • Cargo pocket on the right thigh
CE - type approval

Heavy Light suits are CE approved to Category III, the most demanding category.

Product Details

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FLEECE undercoat

FLEECE undercoat made of active permeable material polarfleec. Provides solid thermal insulation in warmer seasons or for neoprene dry suits.

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