Reference: ATX40DS4

Brand: Apeks

Regulator APEKS ATX40 + DS4 regulator set

Apeks regulators with non-rotating first stage DS4 are now available again for special prices. The offer applies to the ATX40 / DS4 regulator set and the ATX40 / DS4 + ATX 40 octopus set.

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Reference: M1

Brand: Atomic Aquatics

ATOMIC M1, regulator set

The Atomic M1 series automatic diving masks are suitable for the most demanding diving conditions imaginable due to their extremely wide range of performance.

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Regulator sets

ATOMIC M1, regulator set

The Atomic M1 series automatic diving masks are suitable for the most demanding diving conditions imaginable due to their extremely wide range of performance.
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Regulators Atomic M1 - first and second stage, set

Extreme performance without compromise.

The Atomic M1 regulator is suitable for the most demanding diving conditions imaginable thanks to its extremely wide power spectrum. Not only for the recreational diver ready to increase his or her fitness, but also for the experienced technical diver, the M1 is ready to meet virtually any diving need and scenario.

316 grade stainless steel, Zirconium-plated brass and titanium make up the second stage mechanism. The M1 metering valve body is Zirconium/Nickel plated brass and the seat pressure limiter is stainless steel.

Hard conditions are a challenge for us!

Atomic engineers have created this model for demanding diving - both recreational and technical. The M1 extends the range of applications to any imaginable diving conditions, whether recreational or technical. Top and demanding divers appreciate the fact that the M1 meets all their needs on any dive profile. The M1 is based on the same fundamentals as the renowned T2x and B2 models.

First stage

  • The regulator is 100% oxygen compatible from the factory and can be used for pressures up to 300bar
  • The body of the first stage is made of chrome plated brass, Monel is used for the key parts inside
  • First stage with high flow piston and Jet Seat technology
  • Freezing protection implemented by separating the medium pressure chamber from the outside environment also prevents dirt or sand from reaching sensitive parts
  • First stage outputs: 2 HP fixed / 5 LP on swivel head
  • Can be used in cold waters below 10°C
  • Weight 640g

Second stage

  • Designed for ice water diving, equipped with heat exchanger and improved "super-dry" exhaust deflector
  • Second stage components are machined from Zirconium plated brass and Titanium
  • Patented Atomic Seat Saving Orifice technology
  • Patented Atomic Automatic Flow Control (AFC) technology
  • Infinitely adjustable inspiratory resistance to reduce controller sensitivity in special situations
  • Innovated second stage body with high flow rate and reinforced lever design to significantly reduce breath work at any depth, in shallow water and at the limit... 
    • Breathwork 0.56 J/l (according to EN 250)
  • Second stage cover is inert to unintentional bypass activation e.g. in strong current
  • Super wide exhaust deflector for removing bubbles from the field of view
  • Clean the interior easily without tools
  • Hose length 80cm
  • Comfortable mouthpiece made of two types of silicone. The solid platforms allow for a firm bite while maintaining comfort

Service interval 2 years / 300 dives

Limited lifetime warranty

Product Details

Data sheet

Cold water
Number of HP outputs
Number of LP outputs
Travel version
2nd stage connection
1st stage connection
Operating pressure
300 bar
LP output in the axis
Regulation of inspiratory resistance
Venturi effect limitation

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