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The Pursuit X3 is designed for use in demanding work and in extremely polluted waters. This model can be modified according to special requirements (rescue) or adapted for diving with a diving helmet.
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Material, construction

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is highly resistant to, for example, petroleum products and is easy to remove lubricants or other contaminants. The seams of this suit are joined and sealed by high-frequency welding and feature the same strength as the material itself. The high durability of the material is complemented by ergonomic features that ensure comfort in use. Instead of the classic neoprene harness, the suit can also be supplied with a neckpiece for diving helmet use and steel reinforced PU work boots are available instead of neoprene boots. A back zipper with cover flap also ensures the suit's long-term durability, and integrated braces ensure comfort during use. As a special accessory for rescue workers and rescue divers, the suit can be supplemented with an integrated buoyancy vest. Another useful accessory is the integrated internal handles for quick donning of the suit in confined spaces - e.g. fire trucks.

Why is the Pursuit X3 suitable as a working suit for a professional diver?
  • The material is flexible like most rubber materials
  • Pursuit Prof1Highly abrasion and puncture resistant
  • Highly UV and oil resistant
  • Long life, thanks to the fully synthetic material it does not age
  • High-frequency welded seams, very strong, no stitches, no adhesive tape
  • Fast-drying, water-repellent surface
  • Easy to clean, e.g. from oil or dirty water
  • Easy to repair
  • Weighs half as much as a rubber suit
Mechanical properties

TPU has excellent physical properties. Extreme tensile and tear resistance as well as elasticity result in this suit being very suitable as a work suit. The wear resistance of TPU is excellent. Many shoe manufacturers use TPU for the production of soles. And did you know that the wheels on roller skates are also made of TPU? Temperature range

The temperature range of applicability of TPU is very wide. As a suit material it softens at +70°C, for short-term heating at +120°C. It is also resistant to low temperatures down to -45°C.

Hydrolysis tolerance

TPU has been tested by immersion in water for several years and no effect or weakening effect on the mechanical properties of the material has been observed.

Resistance to oil and solvent and microorganisms

TPU is chemically resistant to (non-polar) solvents such as hexane or heptanes. Mineral oils such as diesel oils and lubricants will not harm this material. Some synthetic oils can damage TPU. Toulene and acetone soften the TPU surface. Tetrahydrophran, methyl ethyl ketone and dimethylformamide can partially or fully destroy TPU. TPU is very durable against microorganisms, only the colour of the material may change. Mechanical properties are not compromised.

Technical detailsPursuit nilkkaremmit
  • Integrated black hauz 5mm neoprene
  • Faceplate in 4 mm pleated neoprene
  • Automatic low-profile drain valve with filter , swivel inflation valve (INT tip)
  • Removable ankle loops to reduce air spillage
  • Heat applied reinforcements on seat and knees
  • 4 mm neoprene boots with rubberized surface
  • Integrated braces and loops for easier drying
  • Latex neck cuff, latex wrist cuffs, bottle design with joint protection
  • Supplied in a carry/storage bag
  • Includes: inflation valve cover, velcro lubricating wax, backfill, patches
  • Quick relief zipper , urinary valve
  • Knife pocket attached to left or right sleeve. The pocket can be made to the size of the customer's own knife on request.
  • Pockets for backup lamp or compass, map pocket or low profile pocket
  • Special loops to make putting on the suit easier. These loops are of great importance when the suit is put on in confined spaces, such as in a boat or fire truck.
  • Integrated independent suit inflation system located on the thigh (argon)
  • The suit can also be equipped with an integrated jacket/float vest with inflatable inflation valve. With these devices the buoyancy can be adjusted as required
  • Attached dry gloves and/or sealing rings CHECK-UP
  • Standard boots can be replaced with PU work boots with metal sole and reinforced toe
  • Can be supplied with a separate hood or neckpiece for attaching a diving helmet
  • Individual suit customisation, possibility to make a bespoke suit
  • Valve and hose type can be selected according to future use
CE type approval

Heavy Light suits are approved to CE standard in category III, which is the most demanding category.

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