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List of products by brand Kirby Morgan

Diveland s.r.o. became a proud authorized distributor of KIRBY MORGAN for the Czech Republic.

Kirby Morgan

Kirby Morgan

Kirby Morgan professional diving equipment for diving with direct supply of breathing medium from the surface with the professional background of our company with full service, advisory and after sales support.

From the history of Kirby Morgan

Founded in 1966, it has changed the face of commercial diving forever. Kirby Morgan Corporation is dedicated to developing lightweight, comfortable and professional diving equipment. Over the years we have been known by various names - Deep Water Development in 1969 and Diving Systems International in 1977. Although the names have changed, the commitment to divers has never changed.

After all these changes, we finally adopted the name Kirby Morgan, a name that has become synonymous with quality and cutting edge design around the world. Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., headquartered in Santa Maria, California, continues to be the leader of the diving industry with our excellent products, quality parts and top service.

Helma KM 97 Kirby Morgan

Products Kirby Morgan

The main and important products include diving helmets and full face masks. The identification and use of this diving equipment is primarily in the commercial sector and government security services (police, firefighters, army).

The latest diving helmet is the KM 97 in stainless steel, which is truly the most modern and best equipped helmet from Kirby Morgan. We had the honor of delivering a few pieces to the diving group of the Czech Police.

Another equally important part of the KIRBY MORGAN offer is KMACS 5 air distribution panels with or without communication. They enable to monitor, regulate and ensure a continuous supply of breathing medium to divers under the right pressure with maximum operator comfort - the tenderer.

Service and maintenance of diving equipment KIRBY MORGAN

Divers Direct is an authorized service center for servicing and annual reviews. We also offer training for routine maintenance and control of Kirby Morgan products. We supply all spare parts, service kits and provide related professional assistance to users.